studio etiquette

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Please be on time for class. If you arrive a few minutes late for your yoga practice, take a breath and quietly sit outside the door until the opening meditation is done and movement has begun. At that point, unroll your mat and enter the room as quietly as you can. The warm-up phase of our classes prepares us physically, mentally, and spiritually for the class. Missing this increases our likelihood for injuries.

Leave your cell phone at home or locked in your car. Unplugging for a bit is good for us.

For our barefoot classes, remove shoes in the reception area and place in the shoe bench. For any classes where shoes will be worn, wipe feet thoroughly before entering the studio.

Please refrain from wearing perfume and cologne.

Water is the only beverage allowed in the main practice room during class.

Stay for the entire class. If you need to leave early, tell the instructor beforehand if possible and exit before final relaxation in the yoga classes.

Yoga is better practiced on a fairly empty stomach (unless a specific condition prevents this).

Ask questions any time something is not clear to you or doesn't feel right for you. Ask during class if appropriate or after class. Not all exercises are appropriate for every body. Listen to your body.

And finally, let go of competition and judgment. Show yourself some loving kindness. Do what you are able to do on this day. Every day is different.


Our mission here at Body Grace is to make our classes affordable. We do that by keeping our overhead costs down. We ask that you help us by paying in cash or check. No credit card transactions less than $15.

Drop-In $15 per class

5-class pass $65 (two month expiration)

10-class pass $120 (four month expiration)

Unlimited monthly pass $100

$10 per class for ages 65+ and full-time students
(class passes also available;
5-class pass $50, two month expiration; 10-class pass $100, four month expiration.)

All fees are non-refundable.

New students can enjoy a complimentary class as a 'thank you' for stopping by.

There's no need to reserve a space, simply show up a few minutes early to complete a student information and waiver form, however please check the classes page for any class cancellations.

Save time and download the student waiver form here to bring with you.

inclement weather

Every effort will be made to stay open, but the safety of Body Grace students and teachers has priority. During inclement weather, or any other emergency, all cancellations will be posted on the classes page of the Web site, the Body Grace Facebook page, and if time permits, by email.

Generally, we will follow Fairfax County School cancellations, but there will be deviations. Should the weather become severe to close schools early, all evening classes will be cancelled. Any late openings, Body Grace will run a full schedule.